Initiating and framing a commercial or marketing strategy at the outset is critical to its likelihood of success. We use proven approaches such as ‘Must Win Battles’, ‘Unlike Our Competition’ and ‘Brandstorming’ methodologies to discover and develop ideas complemented by structured templates to ensure delivery.

Case studies

Queensland Urban Utilities

QUU required a strategy to ignite rapid attitudinal change in key areas in Brisbane and educate residents about sewer blockages and prevention. We devised ‘Hydro’, a flow-friendly character who would become an icon for the initiative. We also produced a kit of useful collateral, including a sink strainer and magnet. The client had targeted 20,000 homes within the allocated budget. Through intelligent design and sharp negotiation skills, we were able to produce kits for 50,000 homes for QUU within the same budget overachieving by a factor of 2.5 from an ROI perspective.

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With the arrival of Sofitel to Brisbane, the challenge was to consistently create a unique and memorable marketing strategy that communicated the essence of the Brisbane location, creatively imagined through a sophisticated French nose. We developed an integrated brand strategy for the Cuvee Lounge and Thyme² restaurant, and even though these are both brands in their own right, the unique design and quality had to consistently convey the luxury and sophistication of this 5 star hotel.

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Joinery is a web-based platform and app toolkit for people to document and collaborate on ideas and problems. It helps with grappling the inherit complexities of life; getting everyone on the same page and building solutions that are tailored to the problems at hand. We have been engaged as business growth consultants to accelerate the development from the initial concept through to product launch.

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