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Rowe Advisory



Professional consultancy


Project type

Website, copy writing, social media, print design, event management, PR


The Challenge

Rowe Advisory were looking to re-position themselves from a group of specialists to a fully integrated team that could leverage their collective skills and experience to their professional networks and clients. The director was interested in raising her professional profile and to champion a number initiatives.


The Solution

When designing the website, we clarified the businesses strengths by focussing on three key areas that encompassed the entire team. By introducing case-studies we connected team members to specific projects to give more context and substance, this resulted in a more mature brand identity.


To increase the visibility of the directors’ personal brand we used a combination of traditional PR (interviews, newspaper, editorial, industry magazines, speaking opportunities), social media and a launch event to give her a platform as a mentor, advocate and leader.



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June 14, 2017