Industrial design and storytelling – RNA Showgrounds


RNA Showgrounds and Lendlease



Public Art and construction


Project type

Industrial design


The Challenge

As part of the development of the RNA and Lendlease ‘Live King Street’ precinct including a stylish new 4 star hotel, convention centre, restaurants and outdoor area, Creative Plantation were commissioned to design 12 grates in the King Street area that would support the investment marketing strategy of the project, be of interest to the public walking past, as well as aesthetically appealing for residents.


The Solution

The 12 tree grates became a series of inter-connecting stories that expressed the history of the area through visual narratives and the written word. Firstly, a vast amount of validated research was undertaken to ensure accuracy, this was then integrated with creative design that had to take into consideration the limitations of the medium (steel plate, using a CAD laser cutter). The final designs take the viewer on a pictorial journey of this significant location in Brisbane.


May 23, 2016