Internal branding, communications – Senex







Project type

Internal branding, communications


The Challenge

As a maturing company Senex had been communicating internally across the business with ad-hoc documents leading to an inconsistent look and feel. Senex wanted a template driven set of documents that would be ‘bullet proof’ and could be distributed across the business without fear that staff would either not want to use them or create their own versions.


The Solution

We designed a suite of master templates across Microsoft Office, (PowerPoint, Excel and Word) which adhered to and strengthening the Senex brand, while introducing visual cues, graphics and images that could be used for a presentation. A series of icons were designed to create a consistent visual short hand language to be used across web and print.


We also wrote and designed a PowerPoint Presenters User Guide, to help staff communicate more confidently and effectively within their internal team as well as with external stakeholders and suppliers.

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May 16, 2017