Stylised data and brand reposition – BMTMC


Brisbane Metropolitan Transport Management Centre



Government – Transport


Project type

Data analysis and brand design


The Challenge

The Brisbane Metropolitan Transport Centre (BMTMC) approached Creative Plantation with 6 months of raw data on traffic through Brisbane’s 18 key transit corridors. The challenge was to visually articulate this data so it could be clearly understood, and from a brand perspective, reposition the BMTMC as a progressive and innovative transport management centre to everyday commuters.


The solution

Creative Plantation proposed that each traffic corridor should be allocated its own colour. Brisbane’s 5 regions were divided into shades of blue, green, pink, orange and purple. The same colours were used consistently throughout the document in graphs and tables. We created a highly stylised map which has become a flagship of the project with other sections of council hoping to adopt and adjust it for their projects. Other projects for BMTMC also included the creation of a new capability brochure that would reflect the high tech nature of the organisation. By incorporating a photographic style which has an emphasis on movement and a special varnish technique, we were able to reposition the company as a progressive transport management centre.

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May 23, 2016