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Data analytics/mining


Project type

Creative strategy, branding, animation, digital, social media


The Challenge

Interlate use technology to bridge the gap between site location and world-class technical expertise, effectively making geographic location irrelevant. Now that the world is now truly connected, Interlate wanted to capture the ‘first to market’ advantage. In this phase of growth, it was critical that the clients’ specialist use of technologies coupled with human intelligence, producing data analytics for the mining sector, was both valuable and a ‘game-changer’.


The Solution

We identified immediately the hidden value that Interlate can uncover at a mine site without their clients’ spending more on capital expenditure. The phrase ‘Welcome to the Fifth Quarter’ was created to drive our creative direction, we could see that senior decision makers would be motivated by the idea of imagining, what they could do with an extra financial quarter.


Due to the complexities of Interlates’ solutions we created an animation that gave a high-level summary of their value proposition and how various solutions work on a site. We designed and built a new responsive website that showcases the animation, as well as Interlates’ services offering.


We wrote all content across all channels to create a compelling brand story and key messaging. We also administer social media accounts for Interlate staff, creating high quality networks as well as bi-weekly social media post.

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May 16, 2017