Change Behaviour

Case studies

Queensland Urban Utilities

QUU required a strategy to ignite rapid attitudinal change in key areas in Brisbane and educate residents about sewer blockages and prevention. We devised ‘Hydro’, a flow-friendly character who would become an icon for the initiative. We also produced a kit of useful collateral, including a sink strainer and magnet. The client had targeted 20,000 homes within the allocated budget. Through intelligent design and sharp negotiation skills, we were able to produce kits for 50,000 homes for QUU within the same budget overachieving by a factor of 2.5 from an ROI perspective.

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Brisbane City Council

Brisbane City Council’s Tip Shop recovers salvageable materials from its four transfer stations. Items are then prepared for sale. Our brief was to improve the marketing of the Tip Shop and make it top-of-mind for pre-loved goods.

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