At Creative Plantation, our approach to analysis is all about asking the right questions to generate quantitative and qualitative data that will provide you with input to inform your commercial marketing strategy.

Case studies

Brisbane Metropolitan Transport Centre

The Brisbane Metropolitan Transport Centre (BMTMC) approached Creative Plantation with 6 months of raw data on traffic through Brisbane’s 18 key transit corridors. The challenge was to visually articulate this data so it could be clearly understood, and from a brand perspective, reposition the BMTMC as a progressive and innovative transport management centre. We proposed that each traffic corridor should be allocated its own colour and created a digital themed stylised map, which became the flagship of the project.

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Brisbane Tip Shop

Brisbane City Council’s Tip Shop recovers salvageable materials from its four transfer stations. Items are then prepared for sale. Our brief was to improve the marketing of the Tip Shop and make it top-of-mind for pre-loved goods. Market research identified the personalities that are most likely to purchase salvageable materials. This research informed the creation of the four personas as the basis of their commercial and marketing strategy: The Collector, The Artist, The Bargain Hunter and The Outdoor Enthusiast.

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Ozbreed and the South East Queensland Turf Growers approached Creative Planation to better understand the buying behaviours of consumers relating to the Palmetto, Sapphire and Empire varieties. We undertook a significant consumer market research project to identify the answers to eight key buying questions, and along with granular data provided by the respective turf grower, we then used advanced analytics to identify correlations that would inform a marketing strategy to increase return on investment.

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